J. Clifford Candace
Candace Clifford in front of the National Archives

This site was the personal blog of J. Candace Clifford, author and historian.  Sadly, Candace passed away in August 2018 after a fight with cancer.  The U.S. Lighthouse Society decided to preserve this blog, as it contains many wonderful resources and great historical information.  We hope it will be valuable to fans of lighthouses everywhere.  Having worked with Candace a fair amount on a recent project, I can say she will be sorely missed!  She was a wonderful and special person.
– Tom Wheeler

The following is the original description of this site written by Candace:


This site is for folks who love lighthouse history.

I am a lighthouse historian who researches lighthouses in the National Archives and writes books about them with my Mom, Mary Louise Clifford.

Conducting research in the National Archives since 2001, I have developed finding aids for records on lighthouses and lifesaving stations as well as a list of other resources for researchers and educators.

As historian for the U.S. Lighthouse Society since 2016, I maintain a News blog for topics of interest to both lighthouse history enthusiasts and professionals. Click on the “Research” category to see posts relating to research topics.

~ J. Candace Clifford