Lighthouses Short & Tall

shorttallInside you will find 45 line drawings of lighthouses by J.A. Tilley—12 from the Atlantic Coast, 11 from the Gulf Coast, 11 from the Pacific coast, and 11 from the Great Lakes. The lighthouses are arranged chronologically in the order in which they were built. They were chosen by the U.S. Coast Guard from the more than 600 lighthouses still standing in the U.S. to show a variety of construction types and architectural styles. All are drawn to scale.

Each drawing is accompanied by a page of text based on a primary source, chosen to illustrate different aspects of building, keeping, and maintaining a lighthouse. The text is not a history of lighthouses, but rather a review of their predominant features.

Intended for readers age 11 and up.

List of Included Lighthouses

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Published in 2008, the book is softcover, has 48 pages and 46 illustrations.

ISBN 978-0-9636412-9-8

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