Table of Contents for Maine Lighthouses

PART I: Early lighthouse administration and construction
Early lighthouse administrationLighthouse construction
Maine’s earliest lighthouse: Portland Head
Other early towers
Seguin Island
Whitehead Island
Franklin Island, West Quoddy Head, and Wood Island
Sidebar: Early keepers earned less than $1 a dayDisaster on Libby Island
Choosing contractors
Twin lights
Requests for higher salary
Problems with illumination at Browns Head Lighthouse
PART II: Offshore stations: the challenges to builders and keepers
Boon Island Lighthouse and its keepers
Problems at Moose Peak Light Station
Competing claims on Baker Island
Problems with contractors on Mount Desert Rock
Locating a lighthouse on Saddleback Ledge
Other early offshore stations
Pumpkin Island
Pond Island
Whaleback Ledge
PART III: The U.S. Light-House Board (USLHB) revamps the system
A new approach to administration
Sidebar: Number of Aids in the First District under the USLHB
Lighthouse construction under the Light-House Board
Cast-iron construction
Four spark plugs
Crabtree Ledge
Goose Rocks
Lubec Channel
Spring Point Ledge
Lighting the Kennebec River
Additional stations built or rebuilt under the USLHB
Evolving technology
Lamps and Lenses
Fog signals
Manana Fog Signal Station
Lighthouse tenders: lifeblood of the system
Buoy depots
Light stations constructed in the twentieth century
Rockland Harbor Breakwater
Fort Popham
Ram Island Ledge
Isle au Haut
Whitlocks Mill
Portland Lightship
PART IV: Keepers: Who they were, how they lived, what they said
Keeper appointments
Sidebar: Determining a keeper’s salary
Records required of lighthouse keepers
Light-House Board personnel
Instructions to keepers
Family stations
Log Accounts of Burnt Coat Harbor Light Station
Keepers at Eagle Island
Keepers on Curtis Island
Forty-five years at Marshall Point Light
Character building on Egg RockLighthouses as tourist attractions
Education at lighthouses
Notable keeper Marcus Hanna at Cape Elizabeth
Keeper dismissals
Female keepers
Isaac H. and Abbie Burgess Grant
Gunfire at Portland Head
Keeper compatibility
PART V: Lighthouses under the Bureau of Lighthouses, 1911-1939
Introduction of radio
Flying Santa
Lobster fishing
The Great Gale of January 27-28, 1933
Great Duck
Two Bush
The Cuckolds
Boon Island
Grindle Point
Spring Point Ledge
Modern conveniences
Discontinued lights
Appendix: Maine’s Light Stations