Table of Contents for Women Who Kept the Lights

Preface to the Twentieth-Anniversary Edition

I. Introduction

II. Hannah Thomas at Gurnet Point Light Station, Massachusetts, 1776-1786
Sidebar 1. New Lamps to Light the Atlantic Coast

III. Kathleen A. Moore at Black Rock Harbor Light Station, Connecticut, 1817-1878

Sidebar 2. Keepers in the First Half of the Nineteenth Century

IV. Rebecca Flaherty at Sand Key Light Station, Florida, 1830-1835

V. Barbara Mabrity, 1832-1862, and Mary Eliza Bethel, 1908-1913, at Key West Light Station, Florida

Sidebar 3. Other Female Lighthouse Keepers in the Early Nineteenth Century

VI. Margaret Stuart at Bombay Hook Light Station, Delaware, 1850-1862

VII. Abbie Burgess Grant at Matinicus Rock Light Station,1853-1872, and at Whitehead Light Station, Maine, 1875-1892

Sidebar 4. Adoption of the Fresnel Lens

Sidebar 5. Creation of the U.S. Light-House Board

VIII. Mary Reynolds, 1854-1866, Maria Younghans, 1867-1918, and Miranda Younghans, 1918-1929, at Biloxi Light Station, Mississippi

Sidebar 6. Lights on the West Coast

IX. Charlotte Layton, 1856-1860, and Emily Fish, 1893-1914, at Point Pinos Light Station, California; Juliet Nichols at Angel Island Light Station, California, 1902-1914

X. Catherine A. Murdock at Rondout Creek Light Station, New York, 1857-1907

XI. Ida Lewis at Lime Rock Light Station, Rhode Island, 1857-1911

Sidebar 7. Keepers’ Logs

XII. Harriet Colfax at Michigan City Light Station, Indiana, 1861-1904

XIII. Mary H. Ryan at Calumet Harbor Entrance Light Station, Indiana, 1873-1880

XIV. Julia Williams, at Santa Barbara Light Station, California, 1865-1905

XV. Mary Terry at Sand Point Light Station, Michigan, 1868-1886

Sidebar 8. A Family Affair

XVI. Nancy Rose, 1871-1904, and Melinda Rose, 1904-1905, at Stony Point Light Station, New York

XVII. Elizabeth Williams at Beaver Island Harbor Point Light Station, 1872-1884, and at Little Traverse Light Station, Michigan,1884-1913

XVIII. Mary Smith at Ediz Hook Light Station, Washington, 1870-1874, and at Point Fermin Light Station, California, 1874-1882; Thelma Austin at Point Fermin Light Station, 1925-1941

XIX. Josephine Freeman at Blackistone Island Light Station, Maryland, 1876-1912

XX. Georgia Stebbins at North Point Light Station, Wisconsin, 1881-1907

XXI. Kate McDougal at Mare Island Light Station, California, 1881-1916

XXII. Laura Hecox at Santa Cruz Light Station, California, 1883-1917

XXIII. Kate Walker at Robbins Reef Light Station, New York, 1890-1919

XXIV. Margaret Norvell at Head of Passes Light Station, 1891-1896, at Port Pontchartrain Light Station, 1896-1924, and at New Canal Light Station, Louisiana, 1924 -1932

Sidebar 9. Other Nineteenth-Century Women Keepers

XXV. Emma Tabberrah at Cumberland Head Light Station, New York, 1904-1919

XXVI. Elizabeth Lusby, 1844-1862, Rebecca L. Crouch, 1873-1895, Georgiana C. Brumfield, 1895-1919, and Fannie Salter, 1925-1947, at Turkey Point Light Station, Maryland

XXVII. The U.S. Coast Guard Runs the Lighthouse Service

Appendix:  Women Who Kept the Lights, 1776-1947



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